How to Patch a Large Hole in your Drywall

A List of Materials you Need for Common Drywall Repairs

One of the questions we’ve been asked the most, is how to properly patch drywall. The truth is that patching a wall to the level when you can’t even tell the difference between the freshly repaired wall and the rest, is not an easy task. That’s why you have to learn the right way to do it, or hire someone who specializes in drywall repairs instead.

Obviously, the first step of the process is to put together a list of materials which you will need for your drywall repair project. So, without any further ado, here’s everything you need to make your wall look like new:

  • Drywall;
  • Mesh tape;
  • Setting compound;
  • Backer boards.

Drywall Repairs in Puyallup WADrywall. Typical drywall sheets measure 4′ x 8′. As you can imagine, this is way too much for your repair project, however, you can always save the leftovers for the next time. Some home improvement centers sell smaller sections, but considering that drywall is one of the cheapest construction materials, buying a bit more than what you need shouldn’t be an issue.

Mesh Tape. Different drywall companies have different opinions when it comes to choosing the best type of tape for drywall repairs. The options resume to mesh tape and paper tape. Personally, I think mesh tape is easier to work with, but this doesn’t mean paper tape is not as good.

Setting Compound. Also known as hot mud, setting compound is a powder which you mix with water in order to create a thick paste. This paste will be used as a filler for the hole. You should know that setting compound usually comes in different setting time, from to 5 to 90 minutes. Considering this is your first attempt to fix a hole in your drywall, I recommend you use a setting compound which allows you at least 45 minutes to work with, before it settles.

Baker Boards. This is one of the primary tools drywall companies use to fix cracks and holes with. For a medium-sized hole, you’ll need a ?” baker board.

These are all the materials you need to properly patch a hole in your drywall. Next time, we will talk about tools and different methods of drywall repair. Until then, feel free to contact us at (253) 678-4981 for any questions you have. We are E&M Drywall & Painting, one of the most reputable drywall companies in Tacoma, WA.