How to Paint Drywall

Tips and Tricks Offered by Our Drywall & Painting Specialist

Painting drywall is a fairly specialized job. However, with the right equipment, tools and preparation, it can be done by anyone. However, it’s totallydifferent when it comes to drywall installation though. If you’re thinking about taking on a drywall installation project on your own, we highly we highly recommend you reconsider. But if the drywall is installed already, and painting is all it needs, then this article will help you in your task.

Prep Work
Drywall & Painting in Puyallup WAThe key to a perfect paint job is proper preparation. When it comes to preparing drywall for painting, the biggest concern is dust. So, before you apply the primer, make sure you dust off the ceiling and the walls. For an even, smoother finish, drywall & painting experts recommend sanding with fine-grade sandpaper after the first primer coat has dried. This will smooth of any imperfections, rough chips and raised fibers.

After wiping off the dust for the second time, consider using a vacuum cleaner to collect all residue, and dust resulted from sanding. Also make sure you vacuum the above doorways, electrical boxes and window trim.

For the painting process you will need at least a roller and a brush. The roller will be used to paint large areas, while the brush will be great for painting around trim and and clean up corners. The technique is pretty self explanatory. All you have to do is dip the roller in the paint, and then apply it on the wall. Use smooth and regular movements, and don’t forget to always overlap the last coat of paint.

Drywall has the tendency to absorb moisture, and that’s why you need to paint it at least twice in order to get a decent finish. Drywall & painting contractors usually apply three coats of paint. They also use a low-sheen, latex paint that’s tinted to match the color of the top coat as a primer.

If all this sounds too complicated, then consider hiring a specialist. E&M Drywall & Painting offers outstanding drywall & painting services at highly competitive rates, for all residential and commercial clients in Tacoma, WA. All you have to do is call (253) 678-4981.